A warm Welcome!

  • Welcome to the Dronfield Footpaths and Bridleways Society.

We are an active group who, apart from walking the local footpaths and bridleways, report any damaged stiles or gates to the landowners som they may be fixed, and we generally have a pair of secateurs to trim any wayward twigs. We love our walks, and encourage new walkers to join us. Membership is just £5 per year.

The Summer Walks programme has been finalised, many thanks to Steve and Ros Sadler….. it looks a superb series of walks….. thanks also to all the walks leaders.

We  have been posting copies on local notice boards, they stand out, being bright yellow this time! If you spot a notice board locally that does not sport one of our new programmes, please let me know, and I will put one up……..  richard266@me.com

Our next walk:

Thursday 29th June, meet at the bottom of Millthorpe Lane, 7pm, for a local walk being led by David Blackburn. Car share if possible, as parking space is limited.

The John Ellis History walk planned for Saturday 24th June has had, regretfully, to be postponed until the next walking season. 

We have been involved with the Chesterfield Walking Week, indeed two of our members, Peter Carr and Graham Gill led today’s walk (8th May) on the George Stephenson walk, where we learned so much about this man, where he lived….worked, and finally, where he is buried.

This just in from DCC:

Stay safe walking in the countryside

10 April 2017

As spring gets underway, we’re reminding residents to take extra care when out exploring the countryside in fields where there are farm animals.

Local residents and visitors to the area need to be aware of their surroundings especially when a path enters a field or they are crossing open access land.

Our Strategic Director for Economy, Transport and Communities Mike Ashworth said:

“Derbyshire has lovely countryside and we want walkers to be able to enjoy it whilst staying safe and following the Countryside Code.

“At this time of year cows are often rearing their young and can become very territorial. People and dogs can easily spook cows and their calves so it is important to give them space.

“Most importantly we don’t want anyone to put themselves or the livestock at risk. If necessary they should find another way around the cattle and re-join the path as soon as possible.”

Advice from the Derby and Derbyshire Local Access Forum (DADLAF) can help to keep people and livestock safe:

  • Avoid getting between cows and their calves.
  • Be prepared for cattle to react to your presence, especially if you have a dog with you.
  • Move quickly and quietly around the herd.
  • Keep your dog close and under effective control on a lead around cows and sheep.
  • If you are threatened by cattle let your dog go to allow it to run to safety.
  • Don’t panic or run. Most cattle will stop before they reach you. If they follow, walk on quietly.

Any incidents should be reported to the landowner and to the police if it is of a serious nature. You should also inform us, email: etc.prow@derbyshire.gov.uk or tel: 01629 533262.

The DADLAF guidance along with advice for farmers and landowners is available on our website.

DADLAF was set up by us and Derby City Council in 2003 to give advice on outdoor recreation, rights of way and access to the countryside. It covers all of Derbyshire to the south and east of the Peak District National Park. The national park and the area of the county in the north west around Buxton and Glossop is covered by the Peak District Local Access Forum (opens in a new window)

DADLAF is looking for people with an interest in the great outdoors to sign up as volunteers with the forum. Land managers, forestry and farming representatives would be particularly welcome.

Click on the Walks Programme page, and check the dates in your diary, we hope to see you on quite a few of the varied walks we have on offer. 


If you are anywhere near Pendle in August, have a look here: http://www.visitpendle.com/

for details of their Walking Festival

Thanks to all the DFBS members who are walk leaders…… and Walk On!


Not only do we have organised walks, some of the members have ‘adopted’ footpaths. Here, Adrian Slome and Jeannie Thorpe show us about Footpath 33:

Before and after photos:



Are you a Facebooker? I have been playing with a new facebook page, so next time you go to FB, please will you look for it, and maybe join? It could be a useful addition to this website.

if you have anything you think might be nice to have on this site, please email me…..richard266@me.com

The walks programme is SUPERB!!! please join in as many as you can, it is a case of Use them or Lose them…. If you know of a footpath problem, please let a committee member or a walk leader know so that action may be taken. Also, PLEASE wear your name badges, particularly the walk leaders! One day perhaps, everybody will know everybody elses names!!

David Blackburn very kindly came to our committee meeting to update us on the Barn and its interest in helping organise walks and encourage more people to walk in their local area via their IT facility and leaflets, hopefully to eventually include Geocaching! David is part of the Barn steering committee. It is intended that the Barn should become a hub for walking Info and will be marketed under the banner of “Walks from the Barn”.  There is probably much that members can do to help the Barn if they wish, such as describing and photographing routes. The work which some do already, such as checking paths, will be useful. There was a display weekend 15th-17th July that included parts of the Rotary walk and  in October there will be an exhibition of everything that was gathered from the July weekend. We are happy to get involved with the Barn but we will keep our own identity.


3 thoughts on “A warm Welcome!

  1. do you have access to the dronfield round walk map/plan/leaflet? I am fed up of trying to access it from other sites and being told its out of print / being reprinted….it’s been like that for over a year!
    any help would be really appreciated

  2. I believe answer is NO. But Barn Project will be working on info re Rotary Walk at its meeting in January and I expect  we shall make progress re a computerised version of the route Its quite difficult tough  given the amount of info about the route and things to look out for along it. We are also hoping to produce an updated leaflet, but surprised that Rotary appear not to have had an electronic version -something that will slow down the reprint of the leaflet

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