Christmas in Dronfield

Hello DFBS walkers.

Dronfield Parish Church is having a Christmas Tree Festival, 30th November to 9th December. DFBS is taking part.
First, I need to borrow a 4ft artificial tree please.

Next, this is where you ALL come in…..

Please will you EACH make a decoration to hang on the tree which reflects what we do in the community….

You could make a small pair of decorated boots….they could be 3D or card cut-out

Or a walking pole…

As long as it is ‘Christmas upped’…. tinselled….but festive. And relevant to DFBS.

The tree will be placed along with maybe a couple of hundred others, each from a local group/school/business/club…

PLEASE get involved, it needs only an hour or so of your time….and will be a great help in keeping the DFBS name well-known.

To decorate a 4ft tree will need LOTS of decoration….PLEASE help

Any questions, suggestions, please contact me.

Richard S