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I received this: Please help if you can


I dont normally bother with petitions, which overall are ineffective. But I am making an exception  in this case. I know the family of the young man concerned,have met him on a few occasions and would like to encourage him.  His aim  of trying to reduce litter is , I am sure , one we  are all in favour of.

I am bringing the topic to your attention in case you feel its one you might feel able to publicise via RA/ DFBS websites.

 A  letter from Osian ( its a Welsh name) is attached and a summary from the Government petitions website is copied below. You can access the website by going to


Make education about littering and its effects compulsary in all schools.

My name is Osian, I am 17 and have Autism and anxiety. I have volunteered in the Peak District for 4 years. The peace of the moors has saved my life and I want to do all I can to protect them. The epidemic of littering and fly tipping is ruining the countryside and is a danger to wildlife.

More details

I am the National Trust Youth Volunteer for 2018 and want to use my award to promote my campaign. I believe that the only way to make a real difference with litter is to start with children. I hope that they will grow up and teach people around them to also not drop litter. What we learn as a child we never forget. I want every child to participate in an education programme that will result in a Certificate from the Government and sign a promise to not drop litter and look after their world.