Latest guidelines

Our guidance in light of the latest government advice

It is clear that Coronavirus has not gone away, and we need to continue to help control the virus to save lives. Although there are some changes to government guidance, the lockdown is still in force across the UK and the advice continues to be to stay at home as much as possible. If you or anyone in your household has Coronavirus symptoms, you should continue to self-isolate. If you are clinically vulnerable (i.e. over 70 or with a listed underlying health condition) you are advised to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household.

There are however some differences in government advice, depending on whether you live in England, Wales or Scotland, outlined below. 


In England, from Wednesday 13 May:

  • You can exercise outdoors as often as you like alone, with members of your household.
  • You can also exercise with one other person from outside your household, while keeping two metres apart.
  • You may drive to outdoor open spaces, irrespective of distance, but should follow social distancing guidance whilst you are there.  

In addition, the Ramblers urges all walkers in England to:

  • Be sensitive to rural communities if considering travelling further from home to walk. 
  • Avoid activities that may result in injury or require emergency services support, especially in remote locations. 
  • Be aware that popular locations like National Parks or the coast may be very busy, making social distancing difficult. 
  • Plan ahead, as some sites and facilities may be closed or have restrictions. 

In many cases, the best option will be to stay local and explore the local area on foot.

New Members!

On our Facebook page, we have recently welcomed lots of new members to the site….most of them are also members of the Holmesfield Bridleways page….As soon as we can start our walking programme, which is elsewhere on this website, we hope you will join us on some (or even all!) of them. Our membership fee is a measly fiver a year, which covers you insurance-wise should anything untoward happen. Dogs under control are also welcome along…and you never know, we might even be accompanied by horses with their riders.

Anyway, a Huge Welcome to them all. Browse this site, read the reports, look at the pictures… and we hope to meet you.