Latest Newsletter: Autumn 2018

Our last committee meeting was held on Monday 8th October, in The Green Dragon. A month later, Tuesday   6th November, 7.30pm., it will be the Annual General Meeting of the Association. After the short (I hope!) business part of the evening, John Lower from the Chesterfield Canal Society will be telling, and showing us, all about the progress the Chesterfield Canal is making. Promises to be a good evening…PLEASE do your best to come along, support your club, and help make a big audience for our guest. Bring along friends: you never know: they may even join!

Since early September, there have been parking restrictions at the Pentland Road shopping area, where many of our walks start from. There is now a 2 hour maximum stay, with no return within 2 hours. This is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The driver must also stay on site whilst the vehicle is parked. This applies also to the parking at the rear of the shops. It is managed by a private parking company, with a maximum fine of £100. So, on these walks, please use one of the nearby roads on which to park.

Some of you may be aware that a section of the boardwalk between the Drone Valley Brewery and Metapic Wood that was lifted for repair has eventually been restored by Derbyshire County Council. Unfortunately, some parts of this boardwalk now need more attention, so if there is anybody out there who would like to take a look, please let us know. DCC also restored the bridleway just below the field at Ouzle Bank, where it ran for a couple of hundred yards before meeting up with the Peak Resort bridle path. This has been a huge improvement.

We have enjoyed a hugely successful Summer Walking season, thanks to Jane Smith for organising it, and thanks to the new walk leaders…some of the walks were so well supported that the town centre must have gone very quiet! The Winter Programme also looks good, thanks to Graham Gill for setting this up.

Following a couple of incidents over the last season, the Committee has decided:                     First, that a minimum of 4 DFBS members would constitute a DFBS walk, and walkers would therefore be covered under our insurance. A group of 3 therefore, even taking part on a DFBS organised route, would therefore undertake the walk at their own risk, ie not be covered by the group’s insurance policy.

Second: that all walk leaders should have other walk leaders mobile phone numbers. This list would NOT be available to those who are not walk leaders. This will help ensure that if, for instance, the walking group becomes too spread out, we can regroup. Also, if an incident occurs where outside help may be needed, heaven forbid. There are of course, some walk leaders who do not have mobile phones, and in these instances, one of the walkers will be bound to have one…we do not want to restrict who can lead walks…

Subs will become due at the AGM…you will be pleased to hear the Committee does not plan to increase the amount, but of course, donations are always welcome! It would help the Treasurer if you would pay by standing order.

For any members who wish to use this facility details are as follows;

Name of Account………….. Dronfield Footpaths and Bridleways Society (DFBS)

Sort Code………………………. 60-40-09    Account No……………………. 16904249

Ref………………………………… (your name)

Amount………………………….. £5.00 (or £10 per couple)

If you plan to take up this option please notify the treasurer  email:

We are taking part in the Dronfield Parish Church’s Christmas Tree Festival. Volunteers to help ‘man’ our tree will be needed. A printed rota sheet will be available at the AGM for you to sign up for a two hour stint (or more!) Set-up day will be Thursday 29th November. We already have a tree, and various members are making and or loaning suitable apt decorations! Our tree will be the BEST in the festival!

The website is updated regularly, with reports and photographs about the walks so far, and may have updates on the next planned walk. (Note to walk leaders: don’t forget to send a report to Richard, preferably with photos, for this purpose!)

We have a Facebook presence, if you have a few moments, pop in sometime, and join in.

Happy walking, take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing but footprints!