Latest Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2019

Our last committee meeting was held on Monday 12th March, in The Green Dragon. We chatted about the success of the Winter walks programme, the state of our finances, the new Summer walks programme, and even looked ahead to the AGM on 30th October! The Guest Speaker for this will be Dr. Peter Haywood, who will present a talk on the Friends of Dronfield Station -past, present and future.

The latest walking programme is now on our website, and is appearing on notice boards around the region. If you spot a notice board without one, please let me know. It is a two page programme, but as some noticeboards are always so full, maybe only one sheet has been tacked up for now…the second sheet will replace the first later in the year. Please note: if you want to partake of Pie and Peas at the end of the season, you will need to book with Jane S.

On Saturday 11th May, as part of the Chesterfield Walking Festival, we are staging a family-friendly walk around the Leabrook Valley. Led by Joe Kelsall this is linked to the Leabrook Valley CIO organised Naturefest being held from 10.00 to 16.00 on that day, at the side of the balancing pond off Gosforth Drive under the bypass viaduct.

The walk is starting at 11-00 from the Sports Centre car park off Farwater Lane and is aimed at introducing younger family members to varied aspects of nature. The walk will take in the new development currently underway around the balancing pond, various activities being held as part of Naturefest and finish with a visit to a new woodland educational trail at the rear of Poundstretcher. Members are welcome along with family and friends some may be called on to help subject to numbers!

DFBS is having a marquee there, full of info about us: if anyone would like to help man our stall for an hour or so please contact Karen Brightmore.

Some years ago, various brochures were designed and printed, describing walks that had been planned, two notable ones being the Drone Valley Way, the other the North Chesterfield Way. Stocks of the former are still around, but there are no more of the North Ches Way.I have looked into a reprint, but the originals were litho printed years ago, and no trace of the artwork has survived.  For now, I have scanned the route, and put it on our website. I think we will have to save for quite a time to afford a re-design and print.


Chesterfield Canal Trust also has a walking week, from 14th to 22nd September. The full programme will be published on their website in June. Booking will be required, either by phone or email, the website link will give full details.

Guests are always welcome to walk with us, but in order to be covered by our insurance policy, they would need to become members. Membership, as you know, is just £5 a year. Incidentally, donations are always welcome to boost our meagre reserves, which help pay for not only insurance, but room hire for the AGM, general running expenses such as printing programmes, website costs, postage etc.

No doubt our Winter Walking Programmer will be thinking way ahead….if you have never led a walk before, and think you would like to, or would like to know more, please get in touch …. no experience or special equipment is needed…

Please have a regular check on our website: It is updated regularly, with reports and photographs about the walks so far, and may have updates on the next planned walk. (Note to walk leaders: don’t forget to send a report to Richard, preferably with photos, for this purpose!) We also have a facebook page, on which quite a few of us exchange walking banter…

Happy walking, and leave nothing but footprints!

and from a previous newsletter, but still relevant info:

Following a couple of incidents over the last season, the Committee has decided:                     First, that a minimum of 4 DFBS members would constitute a DFBS walk, and walkers would therefore be covered under our insurance. A group of 3 therefore, even taking part on a DFBS organised route, would therefore undertake the walk at their own risk, ie not be covered by the group’s insurance policy.

Second: that all walk leaders should have other walk leaders mobile phone numbers. This list would NOT be available to those who are not walk leaders. This will help ensure that if, for instance, the walking group becomes too spread out, we can regroup. Also, if an incident occurs where outside help may be needed, heaven forbid. There are of course, some walk leaders who do not have mobile phones, and in these instances, one of the walkers will be bound to have one…we do not want to restrict who can lead walks…

The website is updated regularly, with reports and photographs about the walks so far, and may have updates on the next planned walk. (Note to walk leaders: don’t forget to send a report to Richard, preferably with photos, for this purpose!)

We have a Facebook presence, if you have a few moments, pop in sometime, and join in.

Happy walking, take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing but footprints!